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Our Vision

A future where infrastructure health checks are as routine and accurate as MRIs, using our advanced technologies to extend lifespan, enhance safety, and reduce carbon emissions.

Our Approach

At Joltsynsor, we take pride in our innovative approach to infrastructure health monitoring. Thanks to our expertise in machine learning, we don't just focus on superficial surface cracks. Instead, we employ an inside-out approach, measuring key metrics from within the structure to assess overall distortion. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, we revolutionize structural condition forecasting. Our focus on early damage detection drives our continuous improvement and commitment to delivering unparalleled service. This unique methodology distinguishes us from competitors, making us the top choice for infrastructure health monitoring.

Meet the Team

Rooted in Cambridge University with experts from Oxford, we leverage decades of academic research to transform infrastructure health monitoring. We combine expertise in construction engineering, sensing technology and AI to extend structure lifespans, enhance safety, and reduce carbon emissions.

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